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Founded in the year 2000 LIQUID HORIZON is a progressive Metal band whose main influences include Savatage, Dream Theater, Vanden Plas and Queensryche. So here’s what this is all about: Powerful music with a pumping beat, melodic vocal lines, heavy guitar riffing and spheric keyboards.

Not only is LIQUID HORIZON’s music far away from the cliches you have heard a thousand times before – The same can be said about their lyrics that reflect living in a modern and not so safe world. After the release of the URBAN LEGENDS album in 2004 the band was playing lots of live venues including concerts with VANDEN PLAS and ADLER’S APPETITE, the band of former GUNS ‘N’ ROSES drummer Steven Adler.

With the release of the REVOLUTIONS album in 2007 LIQUID HORIZON were following an ambitious concept. All songs tell stories of revolutions and struggles for freedom in the history of mankind. A trilogy in 20 minutes about the French Revolution is the climax of this record.

In 2010 LIQUID HORIZON signed a record deal with Firefield Records for a worldwide distribution of their new album ‘THE SCRIPT OF LIFE’, released in 2011. Now LIQUID HORIZON are back. Their sound is fresh, it is heavy and they leave no doubt that there is more to come…